About us

RatingToken is a blockchain-focused services platform powered by big data and operated by Blockchain Wave Lab, a product studio incubated by Cheetah Mobile.

RatingToken is an independent third-party data analysis organization, focusing on data and rating business of blockchain cryptocurrencies. With abundant industry resources and professional technical teams, RatingToken formulates well-defined project assessment standards by using big data analysis, and provides ratings based on transparent information and standardized processes. This allows investors to assess risks objectively, with a comprehensive understanding of the projects and their potential.

As blockchain technology continues to develop rapidly, we hope to focus more on this disruptive change of our times and continuously perfect our rating system and user experience.

Introduction of Security Team

The security team of RatingToken comprises more than 50 members, 90% of which are big data, AI and blockchain engineers.

The core members of the team are veterans of Kingsoft Antivirus, a security software program certified by West Coast Labs for Checkmark Level 1, Level 2 and Trojan, with approximately 400 million users worldwide.

Based on our extensive security experience, RatingToken is primarily focused on blockchain security. Now we provide smart contract audit and other security services.

Ways of Cooperation