About RatingToken

RatingToken is a blockchain-focused rating website based on big data analysis. With technical support from Cheetah Blockchain Security Center, RatingToken aims to provide efficient project value assessment tools for the industry. Through massive data analysis, we rate projects in a standardized process, integrate multi-dimensional data such as transaction information, smart contract lists, hype monitoring, sentiment analysis, etc., and present them in graphic form. This allows investors to assess risks objectively with a comprehensive understanding of projects and their potential. RatingToken will work with third-party organizations to create a data ecosystem in an open and collaborative way.

About Cheetah Blockchain Security Center

Powered by strong security technology inherited from Kingsoft Internet Security, Cheetah Blockchain Security Center is committed to providing blockchain security solutions for the industry and building a healthier blockchain ecosystem. Our research covers the three areas of business security, security auditing and hype monitoring. In addition to providing blockchain business security and threat information, as well as four security audit services regarding exchanges, smart contracts, wallets and public chains, we have independently developed a hype monitoring system and sentiment analysis system to provide insight into industry trends.

Team Introduction

Our security team has more than 50 members, 90% of which are R&D; personnel concentrated on the areas of big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain. Most team members previously worked at renowned security and antivirus software company Kingsoft AntiVirus.

Kingsoft AntiVirus is a member of the global security organization. With 3 authorized certifications from West Coast Labs, Kingsoft was the first security software to be officially certified by Microsoft 8.1. With solid technical strength, Kingsoft serves 400 million users globally.

We are focused on blockchain security, particularly in providing security services and intelligent contract audits based on our technology expertise inherited from Kingsoft Security.

RatingToken's Project Rating Algorithm

RatingToken assesses projects based on a variety of factors, including whitepaper content, social media heat, technical strength, team members, industry consultants, investors, and contract scanning, which are broken down into 81 indicators that are used to compute the scores of respective projects with the help of well-developed models.

RatingToken constantly optimizes its rating model in accordance with industry developments, and the model is tailored to projects at different phases, such as listed projects, projects in Upcoming, and Upcoming projects yet to be listed. The tool provides the rating results of the analysis of big data as decision-making recommendations for potential investors.

Scoring Dimensions

Upcoming Project Rating:

We evaluate projects according to the following 7 dimensions:

  1. Whitepaper
  2. Social Media Heat
  3. Technical Strength
  4. Team Members
  5. Contract Scanning
  6. Industry Consultants
  7. Investors

Listed Projects Rating:

We evaluate projects according to the following 11 dimensions:

  1. Social Media Heat
  2. Technical Strength
  3. Team Members
  4. Industry Consultants
  5. Investors
  6. Website Traffic Ranking
  7. Contract Scanning
  8. Whitepaper
  9. Market Value
  10. Turnover Rate
  11. Exchange Number

Scoring Metrics

These parameters are measured on a five-point scale with five being the highest score. A project with a lower score has a higher risk of fraud, and hence lower quality of code development.

The results of the evaluation will be presented in the form of scores. Indicators in each category are given different weights to establish a project's weighted score, and update the data in real time according to market changes.

a. Whitepaper

The quality of a whitepaper is judged based on a neural network scoring model characterized by whitepaper keywords, and the application scenarios and incentive mechanisms of the project. A whitepaper can serve as a helpful indicator for the prospects of a project, which corresponds to the development prospects of the project's token.

b. Social media heat

Based on the user base and quality of the community, as well as activity on platforms (including Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram), RatingToken applies machine learning algorithms to determine whether a community is a zombie one, while using NLP algorithms to extract keywords from community content to evaluate the quality of the community.

c. Technical strength

RatingToken performs comprehensive calculations for a dozen aspects such as the frequency and quality of GitHub updates, as well as GitHub activity including Star and Fork, and compares code similarity to evaluate contract security to fully reflect the progress and presence of the project.

d. Team members

Checks on the legitimacy of core team members, and their work experience, education background and whether they have experience in the blockchain industry.

e. Industry consultants

Experience and reputation in the blockchain sector and ability to attract resources, traffic and attention to the project.

f. Investors

Investors' reputation, strength, professionalism and successful investment case studies.

g. Contract scanning

Employing formal verification, the system is capable of fifteen types of code vulnerabilities in five categories including overflow, external access, unusual behavior, glitches and logic circuit issues.

h. Expert review

This review is the independent expert opinion of RatingToken's independent experts and does not involve project audits nor the assignment of investment attractiveness ratings.

i. Website traffic ranking

Visits to the official website of the project.

j. Market value

Market value of listed coins. (Market Price per Share × Total Number of Issued Shares)

k. Turnover rate

Turnover rate of listed coins. (Trading Volume/Circulating Shares × 100%)

l. Exchange number

The number of exchanges and TOP exchanges of listed coins.

Contract Scan Algorithm Description

RatingToken uses an independently developed automated smart contract vulnerability scanning system to scan contracts on the Web in real time. The system is composed of three modules: the smart contract input module, the static scanning module, and the scan results output module.

Employing formal verification, the system is capable of fifteen types of code vulnerabilities in five categories including overflow, external access, unusual behavior, glitches, and logic circuit issues. Vulnerabilities are rated as high risk, medium risk, and low risk according to the current risk speculation situation.

  • High-risk

Very severe. Once exploited, a high-risk vulnerability may directly result in a massive financial loss. The vulnerability has been proven, and may lead to malicious incidents in which hackers successfully steal large amounts of tokens.

  • Medium-risk

Medium-risk vulnerabilities may lead to various consequences, such as double spend attacks, malicious transfers, contract execution failures, and logic errors, depending on the specific code. Some code may result in severe consequences, but attackers have to overcome a higher level of difficulty.

  • Low-risk

The code should be optimized. A glitch in the contract has been detected, which may render the contract execution unstable. Posing lower levels of risk, low-risk vulnerabilities will not lead to sizable economic losses.

Based on the severity of vulnerabilities detected during code scanning, the system scores vulnerabilities of different levels respectively, and deducts a specific amount of points for each vulnerability detected to arrive at the final score of the contract, with zero being the lowest score and five being the highest.

Projects with a lower score have vulnerabilities that pose higher risks, indicating lower quality code and hence relatively greater security risks.

Declaration Of Neutrality

RatingToken remains independent and objective during the rating process, ensuring that the data is true and effective. All projects are statistically scored by data models, with no human intervention in the scoring process. RatingToken also continually optimizes its information channels to ensure data reliability and resource adequacy.

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