Analysis of Dapps weekly active users, especially EOS Global

According to RatingDapp and RatingToken's Ecology Monitoring Platform on EOS/ETH/TRON , Dapp transaction volume in the past week were EOS($151,924,375), TRON($89,620,588), ETH($55,535,577), of which the volume of TRON increased by 81%.

For weekly active users, Dapps on ETH is still relatively stable with 40,887  active users, which increased by 2% this week. Dapps on TRON slightly decreased by 5% with 160,000 active users, due to 14% decreasing of market Dapps. Dapps on EOS increased by 43% with 270,000 active users.

The most popular Dapp is EOS Global with 99,118 users. We analyzed the user account, and found below info.

1. There are 22,841accounts were created this week , which accounts for 23%.

2. There are 855 accounts using ‘eosbt' as first six characters, 540 accounts using xxxxcc.

3. Over 98,838 accounts only play EOS Global, which accounts for 99.7%.

In summary, RatingToken suggests that users should pay more attention to Dapps you play and avoid risks.