Trends | Totally 235 token smart contracts was added yesterday, Value Chain, Saloon and General Neural AI Token is the highest risky contract

According to the independent third-party data analysis organization RatingToken, a total of 1862 contract addresses were added worldwide, of which 235 were token smart contracts on August 27, 2018. Among the "New Token Smart Contracts Risk List" released by RatingToken, Value Chain(VaT), Saloon(SLXN) and General Neural AI Token(GNAIT) is the highest risky contract. Especially Value Chain(VaT) has 39 security risks and the detection score is 3.38. In addition, In addition, there are other projects ranked on the top 10 of the risk list including  VeronX(VRX), imfomo Long Official(imfomo), FoMo3D Long Official(F3D), XMG Long Official(XMG), TEST Coin(TEST), Lucky Buddy(Lucky) and SOBO(SOBO). To view, please click on the link below: