25% Dapps without active users on EOS and ETH last week

According to RatingDapp and RatingToken's ecology monitoring data on ETH, EOS, TRON platform, there are 299 Dapps with active users on EOS, 394 Dapps on ETH, 239 Dapps on TRON. On the contrary, there are 153 Dapps without active users on EOS, 145 Dapps on ETH, 37 Dapps on TRON;

The top three Dapps ranked by weekly active users: 

HASH BABY , 83609 users, which decreased 4.34% compared with last week

Endless Game , 53547 users, which increased 1.2% compared with last week

EOSABC , 37246 users, which decreased 2.32% compared with last week