Insights | Another trending POWH3D contract copycat questioned on its high commission charges

According to RatingToken, a third-party data rating agency, bearish market sentiments, coupled with the sluggish pickup of ETH and the lack of investment opportunities, led to a wave of Fomo3D and POWH3D copycats, albeit a short-lived emergence for most. DailyDivs has been enjoying a steady increase in transactions and turnover since its launch on Sept 2. Following a thorough investigation of its contract code, the factors that distinguishes DailyDivs from other popular games are as follows:

1. Up to 25% bonus compensation for selling and buying commission charges, which is much higher than 10% for POWH3D. This is a key reason for the steady rise of contract value for DailyDivs since its launch - the high commission charge incentivizes players to hold instead of sell;  

2. DailyDivs adopts a three-tier referral system with a referral  compensation ratio of 5:3:2. The referral compensation scheme can be likened to pyramid selling, which spurs more players to draw in downline members. This is obviously more appealing than the single-tier referral compensation for POWH3D;

3. DailyDivs is an open-source smart contract game platform, but its Earn Game and Lotto Game contract code is actually closed source, and this presents a certain level of risk. It is like how an mobile app store may be secure, but the apps themselves may contain backdoors for malicious activities;

4. DailyDivs is of the POWH3D type, and not that of Fomo3D. That is why the congestion strategy by Fomo3D award winner 0xa169 does not apply to this game platform.