Analysis | Over 80% DApps' transactions on TRON is from Casino DApps

According to RatingDapp and RatingToken's Ecology Monitoring Platform, there are 26,612,223 transactions on EOS which decreased 5.4% compared with last week, 471,238 transactions on ETH which increased 4.53%,6,921,684 transactions on TRON which decreased 15.56%. While Casino Dapp transactions accounted for 59.53% on EOS, 24.29% on ETH, and 85.58% on TRON respectively. 

RatingToken analysts think that EOS and TRON using casino dapps to exceeds ETH. In addition, EOS and TRON Dapp data performed extremely well, many users doubt there are bots exists.  Due to ETH's POW mechanism, Ethereum requires Gas fee for each transaction, users believe that the transaction data on ETH is relatively true.