Daily Dapp active users on EOS performed well in April, while daily transactions decreased 11% compared with last month

According to RatingDapp and RatingToken's Ecology Monitoring Platform, there are 63,962 daily active users with 11,086,158.1EOS transactions on EOS in January 2019. Average 88,411 daily active users with 5,972,534.82EOS transaction in February.  Average105,608 active users with 4,283,089EOS transaction in March. 

Average 143,865 daily active users in April, which increased 124.92% compared with January. Daily average transaction is 3814.27.77 EOS, which decreased 65.59% compared with January. 

RatingToken analyzed the possible reason why daily transaction amount decreased. The DApp ecology of EOS is optimizing continually, all kinds of new DApps keep attracting active users. On the other hand, high-frequency players may choose other platforms other than EOS.