The average daily transaction volume on ETH Dapp is five times that of EOS and TRON

According to RatingDapp and RatingToken's Ecology Monitoring Platform,  there are 145,652 active users on EOS, 70,597 active users on TRON, 13,493 active users on ETH on April 25th. The volume on EOS is $19,566,800.55, ETH is $9,102,745.38, TRON is $5,934,883.68.

The average volume per user on EOS is $134.34, ETH is $674.63, TRON is $84.07, which decreased 7.59%, 6.09 %, 49.1% separately compared with last week.

RatingToken analyzed the possible reason why the average volume of ETH is the highest among the three platforms. TOP ranking Dapps on ETH are decentralized exchanges while top ranking Dapps on EOS and TRON are basically casino Dapps. On the other hand, there are more Khorium players on ETH compared with EOS and TRON.