70% new DApps' active time on Ethereum is less than 4 days

According to RatingToken and RatingDapp's Ecology Monitoring Platform, there are totally 55 DApps released on Ethereum since March, 2019. 70% newly releasing DApps' active time is less than 99 hours, 25% DApps are even less than 10 hours.

The most active DApp is an ERC20 token project called 'sound_money_coin', and its active time is more than 700 hours. According to Reports, sound_money_coin is a  no-action ERC20 Token. RatingToken's analyst observe that this token is free for people to get, this may be the reason why this projects' active time lasts long time.

In addition, top DApp ranked by transaction per hour on Ethereum is Reality Cash, top DApp ranked by active users is ETH Flow.