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"Banca uses artificial intelligence and expert systems to achieve the dynamic automated management of the Banca ecological chain. Banca aims to provide transparency with transactions being in real record. Banca has developed CoinAI digital currency q...... More

Project Rating Algorithm

Update Time: 2020/01/25 08:00:00
  • Market Score1.0
  • Team Score4.0
  • Tech Score2.9
  • Hype Score4.3
Defeat 75% Circulating Projects
Overall performance is fair, outstanding team members, technical strength is normal, hot discussion in community, discussion content is Neutral.
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Sub-category Ranking

You can visually understand the pros and cons of the token by comparing its performance in different dimensions (all projects in the library, tokens in the same stage or industry, etc.).
A project with a higher score and ranking is of higher quality.
All Coins: All tokens including the cryptocurrencies and Upcoming
Cryptocurrencies: Tokens that can be traded on the exchanges
Upcoming: Upcoming tokens
Industry: Other tokens of the industry in which the token belongs.

All CoinsCirculatingIndustry
2.9 / 5
Average0.0 / 5
Defeat 68% Coins
Overall Ranking Trend

You can determine the quality of the token by comparing the score with the rating trends of the industry and the stage in the past 30 days.
History: Historical scores of the token
Same Industry Average: Average score of tokens in the same industry
Cryptocurrencies Average: The average score of the circulating tokens
Upcoming Average: Average score of upcoming tokens

  • Historical
  • Industry Average
  • Circulating Average Score
Project Information
BANCA Financial Information
  • Total Supply
    20,000,000,000 BANCA
  • Initial Price
    $ 0.0020
  • Issue Time
  • Platform
    ETH (ERC20)
  • No.of Exchange
BANCA Roadmap
January 2018
Banca community will be launched and complete ICO private placement.
February 2018
ICO crowdfunding will be completed.
March 2018
Banca will be listed on exchanges.
May 2018
The first seed application Coin AI of Banca platform will be launched.
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Market Performance
BANCA Profile
$ -
Market Cap
$ 1,129,548
< 0.1%
Global Share
Circulating Supply
Circulation rate
Volume of 24H
$ 7,409
Turnover rate
Linda Chen
Linda Chen
Yuhan Cai
Yuhan Cai
Patrick Dai
Patrick Dai
Founder of QTUM Blockchain
Adrian Lam Ju Miin
Adrian Lam Ju Miin
Independent council member of the Gerson Lehrman Group(GLG)
Aleksey Matiychenko
Aleksey Matiychenko
Former Director of the JPMorgan Fund Investment Department
Li Bin Former
Li Bin Former
Merrill Lynch VP, UBS Executive Director
Richard Wang
Richard Wang
Partner of Draper Dragon Fund
Artem Sokolenko
Artem Sokolenko
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Social Media Hype

BANCA Social Media Trend

BANCA(Banca)Social Media Score is 4.3 (Max. Score 5), communities are active, with more than 80% of projects.

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