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TREEEC makes it possible to do business all over the world with countries in every stage of development. With our method of the smart Comitation Contracts we developed a convincing tool for our partners to make regional, national and international bu...... More

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Update Time: 2019/09/15 08:00:00
  • Team Score1.3
  • Tech Score0.4
  • Hype Score1.7
Defeat 26% Upcoming projects
Overall performance is fair, less discussion in community, discussion content is Neutral.
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You can visually understand the pros and cons of the token by comparing its performance in different dimensions (all projects in the library, tokens in the same stage or industry, etc.).
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All Coins: All tokens including the cryptocurrencies and Upcoming
Cryptocurrencies: Tokens that can be traded on the exchanges
Upcoming: Upcoming tokens
Industry: Other tokens of the industry in which the token belongs.

All CoinsUpcomingIndustry
2.1 / 5
Average0.0 / 5
Defeat 32% Coins
Overall Ranking Trend

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Upcoming Average: Average score of upcoming tokens

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Project Information
Project Information
  • Platform
  • Accepting
  • Whitelist
  • KYC
Financial Information
  • Initial Price
    1 TRM = 12 EUR
  • Soft Cap
    10,000,000 USD
  • Hard Cap
  • Minimum investment
  • Token for sale
TRM Roadmap
Q3 2018
The TREEEC ICO starts. Project-ICOs with „dedicated“ TREEEC MONEY start regularly. Invitation of Active Partners within Germany, Austria and Switzerland for national and regional representation and development Begin of our worldwide program „Become freelance Employee of TREEEC“
Q4 2018
The Beta version of the settlement platform T:XCHANGE with T:ACCONTS for members with basic features will be available. From now TREEEC MONEY (TRM) can be used. Invitation of Active Partners within the rest of Europe for national and regional representation and development The lead project RES:Q starts. The lead project TREEEC ARTS starts. The lead project BizFactory starts.
Q1 2019
The next version of the settlement platform T:XCHANGE will be available, with the T:ACCOUNTs now supporting more features for members and basic features for Business Partners . Invitation of Active Partners worldwide for representation and development Begin of Invitation of Business Partners worldwide Establishment of the legal structures of TREEEC in the United States The lead project PanTerre starts. The lead project KDAB starts. Projects from outside connected with TREEEC start
Q2 2019
The final version of the settlement platform T:XCHANGE will be available. The use of TREEEC MONEY (TRM) is possible worldwide. The lead project LivingWorks starts. The lead project XPLOR starts. The TREEEC ICO ends.
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Daniel Buth
Daniel Buth
CEO TREEEC co-operative
Jörg-Rüdiger Fischbeck
Jörg-Rüdiger Fischbeck
Torsten Mark
Torsten Mark
Organisational Development Management
Miranda Rambau-Reijntjes
Miranda Rambau-Reijntjes
Director, Head of Member Area
Ilian Nazkov
Ilian Nazkov
Director, International Cooperation Development
Christoph Merten
Christoph Merten
Press spokesman
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