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Sentiment Analysis Highlights

  • Massive social corpus

    Massive social corpus

    Relying on the social data of big data rating agency RatingToken, we have all the social corpora of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram etc.) of massive projects.
  • Deep learning model

    Deep learning model

    Analyze the massive social data through the deep learning model of LSTM and CNN; Recognize the word order features and deep semantics automatically; Not only has strong generalization ability, but also has sentiment analysis of high accuracy.
  • Vertical analysis optimization

    Vertical analysis optimization

    Based on the technical accumulation of semantic analysis for many years, we optimize the intent and sentiment analysis effects of the corpus in blockchain projects, which improves the accuracy of the sentiment orientation analysis in the blockchain field.

Cooperation and Feedback

Limited-time API release for Sentiment Analysis! Enter into RatingToken Open API website to apply!